Puppy Play

Learning About the World

All our pups are house-trained before they go to their loving homes. The little ones generally open their eyes between 12 and 16 days and then become more mobile!! Once this happens they can get started in the wonderful adventure of learning about the world around them. As they grow stronger and start to follow, they are taken outside by both the other dogs and the humans in the household. Since pups have no depth perception at this tender age, stairs are an insurmountable obstacle to them. In order to get in and out, we have built a ramp for the pups to use. On average at 3 weeks old these little ones are already heading outside to answer the call of nature. As the pups get bigger and stronger, they are allowed to stay out longer and venture futher out into the territory. By 8 weeks of age they are coming and going completely on their own. As they are given more time outside, they try to eat the flowers and grasses that they come across, play and roll around with each other, listen to the sound of the wind whistling through the trees and the rain coming down. They experience becoming more confident in their own abilities, indoors and out.

Our Shar Pei Pups have 1.5 acres of fully fenced bush to roam and adventure through! They can run across the open field in the south to the heavily treed rise and along the fence-line overlooking the road. From there they have a wonderful, safe and secure vantage point from which to observe the comings and goings of traffic, people, and wildlife up and down the street. The pups can choose to run around outside to play or come up the puppy ramp and play indoors. They can play in the sun or lay in the shade as the temperature dictates. Being a brachycephalic breed of dog, they do require good air circulation at all times and should never be left in an enclosed environment that is statically cold or warm to the extreme. In the house, we have fans set up in every room for good air movement. The health welfare (physical, mental, emotional and experiential) of our dogs of all ages is our paramount concern at all times!

As dog breeders specializing in Chinese Shar Pei puppies, we have puppies to sell to Manitoba as well as many other provinces throughout Canada.

Announcements are updated on our Facebook page.

Please contact us and or visit our Facebook page to discuss which pups/dogs are available and how you can place a hold on one for your family 🙂

Welcome to the newest members of the Shar Peis By Sonja family!

Dogs up for adoption:
Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a few of our Shar Pei friends may be looking for new homes. If you would be interested in giving these unfortunate family members a place in your hearts and homes, their information will be on our Facebook page or you can email us at sonjassharpeiss@gmail.com for their owners contact info.

Speaking of pictures, we LOVE to get pictures of the puppies/dogs in their new homes to add to our Family Gallery page. Email your pictures to: sonjassharpeiss@gmail.com

THANK YOU!! To all the wonderful families who have given our four-legged children a place in their homes and in their hearts.

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