Puppy Care

Adult Shar Pei's

Feeding and babysitting are community activities

Happy and Pampered Ladies…

All the dogs in our household pitch in to care for the new puppies. Regardless of whether it is feeding, cleaning or teaching the little ones how to be well-mannered, socially adjusted, confident members of the group. Dad snuggles up to the newborns when the Momma goes out or one of the other females checks in on them. Feeding the hungry pups can be a free for all as the Momma’s are content to feed any who are hungry. Each of the pups is picked up, handled, spoken to, played and interacted with everyday by loving, gentle, caring human hands, from the moment they arrive until they are given over into the care of their new loving families. The pups are also exposed to a wide variety of sounds and sensations to accustom them to as many different experiences as possible, during their most formative period. All of this concerted effort by the dogs and the humans, contributes to very happy, outgoing, curious, well adjusted puppies that enrich all the lives they touch!!

Shar Pei Puppies

Fuzz and Boodha feed each others pups.

…make Happy Pampered Pups!!

The pups are all weighed on a daily basis and if anyone is lagging in their daily weight gain, a little help with a bottle full of warm, tasty formula gives them the boost they need. The loving interaction between the pup and caregiver is a wonderful experience for both. There is no more pleasant and satisfying sound than that of a happy little one sucking in the nummy nutrition that will make them grow strong and healthy!!

You are What You Eat

How To Care For A Shar Pei Puppy

Little Baby Frodo enjoying a Warm Bottle and a Loving Snuggle

All the dogs receive a daily mash with supplements and raw food mixed in.  Their coats, skin, bones and immune systems are stimulated by the variety of ingredients in their diet. As the pups get older and  grow bigger and  stronger, they start mooching mash from the other dogs and  though still feeding off the females that have milk, they are allowed to help themselves to as much other food as they want.  Mealtime, just as with all other activities, is a social time and everyone allows the little ones to share the tasty fare, which the pups eat more and more of as they mature and finally wean themselves off Momma’ s milk.


Motherhood comes naturally

The pups are started on a highly digestible mash. In addition to Momma’s milk, the mash gives them the foundation to grow at a slow and steady rate. Developing into solid and sturdy older pups, powerful adolescents, finally maturing into healthy, strong adults.

As a Shar Pei puppy breeder, we fly Chinese Shar Peis to Ontario as well as all other provinces and territories. Contact us for Shar Peis for sale.




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Please contact us and or visit our Facebook page to discuss which pups/dogs are available and how you can place a hold on one for your family 🙂

Welcome to the newest members of the Shar Peis By Sonja family!

Dogs up for adoption:
Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a few of our Shar Pei friends may be looking for new homes. If you would be interested in giving these unfortunate family members a place in your hearts and homes, their information will be on our Facebook page or you can email us at sonjassharpeiss@gmail.com for their owners contact info.

Speaking of pictures, we LOVE to get pictures of the puppies/dogs in their new homes to add to our Family Gallery page. Email your pictures to: sonjassharpeiss@gmail.com

THANK YOU!! To all the wonderful families who have given our four-legged children a place in their homes and in their hearts.

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