Care and Responsibilties

Responsible Pet Ownership is Everyone’s Concern

We love our Shar Pei puppies that are for sale and believe in responsible pet ownership and that EVERY dog deserves a loving family to call their very own. Having said this, we are proud to add that we are also involved in animal rescue, and we are on the board of directors for Absolute Karma Rescue Society in Maple Ridge B.C.  As a British Columbia, Canada Shar Pei breeder we have fostered dogs, helped with transports and the re-homing of dogs of all breeds.

Whichever breed of dog you do choose to join your family, PLEASE have him/her neutered/spayed. Not only will it help your dog be a better pet citizen,  it will also help to reduce the number of unwanted dogs in this world.  If you are interested in breeding your dog, please consider the HUGE responsibility involved with having a litter of puppies to care for, train, and find good homes!!! The time and effort required is more than most people have to spare.

For more information on spaying and neutering and it’s health, social and behavioural benefits,  please contact your Vet or contact us and we can refer you.


Announcements are updated on our Facebook page.

Please contact us and or visit our Facebook page to discuss which pups/dogs are available and how you can place a hold on one for your family 🙂

Welcome to the newest members of the Shar Peis By Sonja family!

Dogs up for adoption:
Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a few of our Shar Pei friends may be looking for new homes. If you would be interested in giving these unfortunate family members a place in your hearts and homes, their information will be on our Facebook page or you can email us at for their owners contact info.

Speaking of pictures, we LOVE to get pictures of the puppies/dogs in their new homes to add to our Family Gallery page. Email your pictures to:

THANK YOU!! To all the wonderful families who have given our four-legged children a place in their homes and in their hearts.

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